This character was commissioned by Maxwell Lord!
Thank you for your amazing support in the development of our game.
Age 18
Zodiac Capricorn
Birthday January 14
Game Debut May 7, 2021 in v0.02
Created by Jorge Break &
Status Lover
Relatives Kana - Sister / Rival
Relationships MC - Lover
Biological Description
Hair color Green
Eyes color Light brown
Height 5' 7" (1.69 mts.)
Weight 135 lbs. (61 kg.)
Waist 24" (61 cm.)
Hips 25" (64 cm.)
Breast 25" (63 cm.)
Cup AA

"So, the race is on! I won't go down so easily!"

Ashley is a shy Asian student. We don't really know much about her, since she doesn't say much. She seems to be sorry a lot, but about what, we can only imagine.

It’s going to take our main character some work to get her to open up to him. Good luck with that!


Ashley is the type of girl who is shy by nature, due to the strict discipline she received from her family, it turned her into a girl who is afraid to approach people.

Having moved to Bonner City with her sister Kana, she never had any interest in going against her, until their destiny caused for the two sisters to fight against each.

Meeting her

She is at School, in the first floor in the left side.


Depending on the current event, the schedule may change, but on normal days, this is her schedule:

  • During weekday mornings and noon, she is at school School.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00 am. School  
12:00 pm. School  
4:00 pm.  
9:00 pm.  
2:00 am.  


Stream your life

After you have finish The Rave event, you will need to wait a few days so her event can trigger the Family comes first event, and although the event center around her, she is not part of the sex scene.

After that, the Stream your life event is trigger, to which is center around Kana, but this time is Ashley who is part of the sex scene.


After you have finish Stream your life event, you can only invite her to the Arcades weekdays.

She likes most: Playing video games at the Arcade.


After buying the Special briefcase from Stella at the Sex Shop, finishing the Stream your life event, she will leave her panties behind before leaving your house.


  • Although it is established that Ashley was created as a Patreon commission, she was actually a gift to the first user who joined her Discord server.
  • She has an older brother who is only mention during some events.
  • Since she is an asian girl, her story and her sister's is based on several manga and anime story lines.
  • Ashley is asian, even though is never mention, but due to her and her families costumes, it safe to asume they are from Japan, where Kenjutsu is highly practiced.
  • Her parent though living with her sister would make her more self confident and less shy, but it actually backfired due to sister's strong and imposing character.