Main Character

Main Character
Age 18
Zodiac Cancer
Birthday July 19
Game Debut July 19, 2020 in v0.01
Created by Jorge Break &
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Relatives Chloe - Cousin
Relationships Elizabeth - Ex-Girlfriend
Biological Description
Hair color Brown
Eyes color Brown
Height 5' 9" (1.75 mts.)
Weight 159 lbs. (72 kg.)
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Meet our Main character (we'll call him Andy, you can call him what ever you want), is a shy high school senior but, don’t worry ladies, he’s 18! Since his parents are going through a rough divorce, they decided to send him to live with his grandmother for a while. However, he’s greeted at the airport by a very enthusiastic Chloe, a cousin he hasn’t seen since he was a small child. Turns out that his grandmother is travelling abroad, and they will be home alone for some time.

He must start in a new school, meet some friendly people and some not so friendly. He will have to get a job and make some money to buy gifts and take girls on dates. It seems that he has some interesting times coming his way in Bonner City.


When the MC was very young, he lived in Bonner City with his parents and his sister and his grandmother. In this city, the MC had a very close relationship with his cousin Chloe, with whom he spent all his time playing, being for him like a second sister, since his relationship with his real sister was never very good.

One day, his parents, without prior notice, decide to go live in another city, which causes our protagonist to leave Chloe behind without knowing why he changed cities so suddenly.

His parents' relationship begins to look very bad so they decide to send him back to live with his grandmother even though the two did not agree, but having no other option. Her sister was also going to be sent along with the MC but she decides better to go live with her current boyfriend.

Family drama

MC parents having a fight

For some strange reason, after they moved from the city, the MC's parents began to have many problems, to the point that their relationship with their children was being affected.

That is why the mother decides to send them to live with her grandmother, even though the father totally disagreed with this. The Sister was going to be sent along with the MC, but being a college student, she decides better to go live with her boyfriend, instead of having to go live with her grandmother who she hasn't seen in years.

Main Relationships

Close Friends

Girl Description
Chloe She deeply cares for him, but after all the happy accidents having ocure since he moved in, she might be wanting a bit more than a friendly relationship.
Sophie She loves her sexual encounters with the MC, she knows this guys is packing big which she loves to ride. But she isnt looking for a relationship. She loves to taunt him knowing he will react in a very simple yet fun way.


Girl Description
Ginger Being a very open-minded woman, from the moment she met our MC she felt an attraction for him, however, she let our hero take the first step, after the events of the Rave, the MC realized that he had left pass on an excellent opportunity so he decides to ask her out, to which Ginger gladly accepts, without first putting him to the test a little.

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