Age 18
Zodiac Leo
Birthday July 25
Game Debut May 7, 2021 in v0.02
Created by Jorge Break &
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Relationships Spike - Ex-Boyfriend
Biological Description
Hair color Gray
Eyes color Sky blue
Height 5' 6" (1.68 mts.)
Weight 137 lbs. (62 kg.)
Waist 26" (61 cm.)
Hips 25" (64 cm.)
Breast 29" (63 cm.)
Cup B

"I would have noticed before if I had seen a pretty face like you around here."

Our main character seems to have a thing for Violet, and can you blame him?

She is nice and friendly, but she also has a big problem from her past that you must solve before you can even begin to get close to her.


Violet is a charismatic girl with a very pretty face, with a captivating smile that makes any man melt for her. However, her relationship with her ex-boyfriend makes it impossible for her to relate to anyone else.

Her parents are very close friends of Spike's parents, having grown up and attended school together, so they always envisioned their children getting married, in the traditional style.

However, Spike's jealousy and possessive nature made Violet not want to interact with him, however, Spike does not assimilate this, believing that Violet is just going through a phase of anger, and that they will soon be happily together again.

Meeting her

She is at School, in the first floor in the right side.

A more intimate meeting takes places at the A mysterious encounter event.


Depending on the current event, the schedule may change, but on normal days, this is her schedule:

  • During weekday mornings and noon, she is at school School.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00 am. School  
12:00 pm. School  
4:00 pm.  
9:00 pm.  
2:00 am.