Age 20
Zodiac Libra
Birthday October 15
Game Debut May 7, 2021 in v0.02
Created by Jorge Break &
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Relationships Violet - Ex-Girlfriend
Biological Description
Hair color Dark gray
Eyes color Green
Height 6′ 3" (1.92 mts.)
Weight 223 lbs. (101 kg.)
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Spike is Violet's ex-boyfriend who has a hard time understanding that their relationship ended due to her very jealous and violent nature with anyone who approaches her, making it impossible for her to have friends, much less male friends.

Meeting him

He will pop up at School, when you try to talk to Violet


Depending on the current event, the schedule may change, but on normal days, this is his schedule:

  • During weekday mornings and noon, he is at school School.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00 am. School  
12:00 pm. School  
4:00 pm.  
9:00 pm.  
2:00 am.